AFP 810 Replacement Kit

810plusonstand Although our 810 series of x-ray film processors has been retired, we are offering a replacement kit for owners of existing 810 film processors that will essentially give you a new film processor (excluding the exterior base and covers) at a significantly lower cost. Please contact your supplier (Or locate the closest distributor here) to learn more!


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Processing TimeDry films: 4 1/2 minutes,
Endo wet readings: 2 minutes
6-minute mode for warm-up and special applications
Film SizesAll intraoral and extraoral flm sizes up to 8" (20.3cm) maximum width
Plumbing RequirementsOpen, cup-type drain and standard garden hose faucet with external threading. Processor's female hose fitting connects easily to permanent plumbing (if permanent plumbing is used).
Dimensions30 ½” L x 17 ½” W x 14 ½” H (77.5 cm x 44.5 cm x 36.8 cm)
Shipping Weight85 pounds (38.6 kg)
Power Requirements105-125 VAC, 60Hz, 6-amp max, (optional 220 VAC 50/60)
Water Requirements1 ½ gal. (5.68 liters)/min., only when processing
Tank CapacityDeveloper and fixer solution trays hold 3 quarts each (2.84 liters)
OptionsPanoramic daylight loader, water recirculator unit, processor stand (with base), mounting base and chemical drain kit

WarrantyOne year for parts
CertificationsADA, FDA, CSA (United States and Canada), COLA
Part Numbers810 Plus AR: 9992405300 (115 VAC, nominal)
820 Plus: 9992405700 (115 VAC, nominal)
810 Basic: 9992405000 (115 VAC, nominal)
810 Plus AR: 9992405500 (220 VAC 50/60)
810 Plus: 992405800 (115 VAC, nominal)
810 Basic: 9992405200 (115 VAC, nominal)

810 Basic810 Plus810 Plus AR
Chain Drive
Modular Design
Intraoral Films
Extraoral Films
Auto On/Off
Auto Chemistry Replenishment
Optional Field Upgrade

Factory Installed
Free-standing Closed Loop System



810 Manual